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Easter Egg Hunt

All River School children had a wonderful time hunting for Easter Eggs at River School.  Infants, toddlers and preschoolers all searched for eggs filled with treats to put in their special homemade Easter baskets while many of their parents joined in the fun.




River School Celebrates Earth Day

To celebrate Earth Day, River School classrooms decided to use recycled materials to create beautiful artwork!  As a top school for toddlers, River School strives to make learning a fun experience. The classrooms focused on an ocean and beach scene, and discussed the importance of keeping our Earth clean from litter and garbage.


The Newport Giraffes Build Castles

castleThe Giraffes started their castle exploration in November by building castles using different materials such as blocks, Legos, dominoes, bottle caps, cups, and connectors. They continued exploring the outer structures, interior rooms, and various medieval titles such as blacksmith, lords, knights, jesters, and cooks.


River School Accepts a Special Musical Guest

River School was fortunate enough to welcome special Chinese musical guest Kuang-Yu Fong. She majored in Chinese Opera at the Chinese Culture University of Taiwan, specializing in the “Hua Shan” female singing and dancing roles.


River School’s Black History Month Celebration

At River School all of the children learned about important African American inventors, artists, musicians, athletes and leaders.

black history month 1