Monthly Archives: January 2016

Block Building Workshop

At River School we take training and development seriously and we have workshops for our staff so everyone keeps growing and becoming better educators of young minds. (more…)

River School Welcomes Back Pitter Patter Feet

We are starting another special program that is a favorite for our little River Schooler’s – Pitter Patter Feet!


River School Goes Ice Skating

While the cold and snow may not be everyone’s favorite, at River School we are very excited because it means we are starting our ice-skating classes again! Last year, the program was a huge success and in a few short weeks we will be starting again.


River School Celebrating Diversity

The holiday season was tremendous this year at River School. Besides for the general celebratory feel at all of our locations, we were especially blessed because we get to celebrate diversity and learn about different cultures. (more…)