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River School Pre-K Class Learns to Play Chess

They may not be Bobby Fischer but children in our Giraffe classes one day may be! The pre-k classes at River School have been learning how to play chess with Mr. Michael. They are learning the difference between a pawn and a bishop and a knight and how each piece moves around the board. While they may not be up to the En Passant just yet, they are having a blast. Parents have told us they have been playing chess at home and on play dates with their friends.

River School has openings in our preschool in Jersey City and New York City, give us a call to learn more!

Open School Nights

Parent involvement is a major reason River School is successful. We encourage parents to come in and be actively involved in the learning process – and many parents take us up on this offer! Parents regularly come in and observe the children and see how they are doing. We also are in the middle of our Open School Nights where parents get to meet their children’s teachers and hear more about the curriculum. Exchange Place and Warren Street had their Open School Night back on September 16th and it was a huge success. Newport will be having their Open School Night September 28th, and West End will have theirs on the following day September 29th. We do still have openings in both our Upper West Side and Jersey City preschools so this is a great opportunity for parents who are looking to come in and learn what River School is all about.

Cinnamon Apple Sauce

cinnamon apple sauce - cooking with miss katie of river school

After Labor Day, I always get a little twinge of excitement about the changing seasons. Maybe it’s the Pumpkin Spiced Latte advertisements at Starbucks, or maybe it’s the sudden push for knee-high boots and soft sweaters at department stores… No matter that it’s over 90 degrees outside, back to school in September means autumn is here! Nothing says fall in the tri-state area like good old-fashioned apple picking. (more…)

A Tiny Tiger Thank You

We always love to hear from River School parents. When we get a note like this one from a parent, it means the world. This mother has her son in our infant care program.



Good Morning Miss Jane & Miss Sarah,

As the school year is coming to a close, and my son is starting to prepare for his new classroom, I felt compelled to write a note to share how utterly thankful I am to his teachers in the Tiny Tigers classroom at Exchange Place in Jersey City. As a new parent, it’s so very difficult to hand over your three month old child into the care of strangers, but putting him into the loving hands of the ladies in the Tiny Tigers classroom has proven to be an overwhelmingly positive experience. My son loves coming to River School, which is demonstrated by the leg kicks we can see coming from his stroller with the buzz of the doorbell every morning. He happily goes into the welcoming arms of Miss Shannel , Miss Norma or Miss Sharhonda and I can see the special bond they share. And although he is excited to see me at the end of the day, he’s more than content to keep playing with Miss Tia, Miss Erica or Miss Laniyah. It’s so fun to hang out for a few extra minutes during pick up and hear about their day and what new things he did.

Not only do I feel such gratitude for the excellent care that has been given to him, but also as a new parent, I’m so thankful for the helpful guidance they’ve provided to me along the way. I’ve learned so much from all of the ladies in that classroom, and I cannot thank them enough for helping me navigate this new role.

A transition awaits us soon, and I’m very sad to have to say goodbye to the ladies that I handed my baby over to. They will always hold a very special place in my heart. Thanks so much for this fantastic school and for providing my son with exceptional care.

River School offer rolling admissions and still have openings for September – if you are looking for infant child care in NYC or Jersey City give us a call, or request information today!