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An Infographic to Help Boost Your Child’s Nursery School Experience

A great NJ or NYC nursery school like River School will certainly help your child grow and flourish, but there are many things that they can be doing at home to supplement their preschool activities. River School has put together this helpful infographic that includes age appropriate activities for your child at different stages in his/​her life. Hope you enjoy! River School’s infant care program is a rich developmentally appropriate learning environment, and we cater experiences to each child’s temperament.


Fun Craft to Try at Home: Marble Painting

marble painting is great for upper west side preschoolersParents are often looking for fun crafts to do with their children at home, and marble painting is one good option that preschools and parents alike can enjoy. Here are the details that you need to do this fun craft at home with your children:

Advantages of Marble Painting

One of the best things about this popular craft is the fact that it isn’t very messy, and the children love it. It can be catered to any type of holiday, such as fall time, Christmas, Easter, the 4th of July, Valentine’s day, or Thanksgiving.

Supplies Needed for Marble Painting

  • Paint – in any color, young children love this craft when the paint colors are the colors of the rainbow
  • White paper- cut up so that it is in the form of a rainbow (or any other holiday themed shape)
  • Plastic spoon- so that the marbles can be moved around easily
  • Small container with a lid- such as a yogurt or oatmeal container
  • Egg carton, or anything similar that can hold the paint
  • Several marbles- enough so that you have one marble for each color of paint (keep marbles out of reach of children as they can be a choking hazard)

Instructions for the Craft

Place the white paper on the inside of the oatmeal container, so that it is flat against the sides. If you need to, use a little bit of tape to keep it in place.

Next, put a little bit of paint in each of the sections of the egg carton. Drop one marble into each of the paint sections.

Use the plastic spoon to carefully scoop the marble out of the paint, making sure that there is paint covering the marble. Carefully transfer the marble to the oatmeal container. Put all of the marbles in the container, and then close the lid tightly.

Holding the lid in place, shake it well for several minutes. The marbles will roll around the walls of the oatmeal container and spread paint splatters on the paper. The final result is a beautiful collage of colors that have a marbled texture.

River School’s Upper West Side preschool, as well as both of our Jersey City locations love to see the children getting creative outside of the classroom!