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River School Tips to Help Children Feel More Comfortable

The first day of preschool is an exciting time for both children and parents, although some children might feel a little stress when they think about the idea of spending so much time away from their parents. When starting at a daycare in downtown Jersey City, some children will cling to their parents or get upset when it comes time to go to preschool. There are a few things that you can do as a parent to help your child get rid of the “tummy butterflies” and be comfortable with the idea of attending preschool.

Make a Small Scrapbook

When your child goes to daycare in downtown Jersey City, they might be happy to take a small scrapbook with them so that they can have familiar pictures of their family to look at. Look around online to find cute pictures of children attending preschool or kindergarten, and also use snapshot photos of your family. Put all of the pictures together in a small book, and they can look at it during quiet time.

If you choose to make a small book for your child, you can help them transition into the daycare or preschool by reading the book together for a few weeks before the classes start. When you see the pictures in the book about attending preschool, talk with them about the fun times that they are going to experience when they finally get to go to preschool. Then, the book can be stored in their backpack, so they can look through the pictures anytime they are feeling sad while they are at school.

Buy Special School Supplies

special school supplies for your kids is a great way to make them more comfortable with their daycare in downtown jersey cityChildren often feel more excited about going to daycare in downtown Jersey City when they have special items that are dedicated for their preschool or daycare classes. As an example, you might take them shopping to find the perfect backpack for them to take each day, or look for a lunch pail with their favorite cartoon characters.

Help them to have some fun supplies in their backpack that meet the requirements of the day care. You can talk with the teachers in order to determine if there is anything specific that might help your child to make the transition to their daycare classes.

The Giraffe Class’ Baby Chick Project

River School students got to experience something miraculous this past month. A farmer from Quiver Farm brought in a mother hen, a father rooster, and baby chick eggs. The children got to experience the baby chicks hatching and learned a lot during the process! More information about the Baby Chick Project can be found in the image below. Real life educational lessons like this is one of the reasons River School is a top preschool in New York.


A good preschool in New York enriches children with different projects and programs