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Dr. Limb Visits River School for Dental Health Month

River School understands the importance of expanding the educational experience with extra programs that can enhance learning. When looking for a preschool in New York, this should be a key consideration in making your decision.
River School children in our preschool in new york enjoyeda visit with Doctor Lin from Broadway SmilesRecently, River School brought in Dr. Limb from Broadway Smiles Pediatric Dentistry to teach the children about the importance of dental health. The children practiced brushing and flossing on the dentist’s friendly dinosaur and also learned how to get rid of “sugar bugs” on teeth that can lead to “boo-boos.” It was a fun and friendly way to introduce the importance of taking care of our teeth, reinforcing good hygiene and getting little ones comfortable around a dentist.
River School also provides a variety of art activities, like lessons with Mr. Atsushi. The kids recently discussed landscapes, and then enthusiastically created their own beautiful works, complete with magnificent snow-capped mountains and fields of flowers.
This type of hands-on learning is essential for any preschool in New York, or elsewhere. It can help unleash a child’s potential, sparking an “aha moment,” that can’t be derived from a text book. Children tend to love hands-on activities – what seems like playtime is actually helping them to learn quite a bit and is important for developing and practicing all types of skills.
As the world is a lot smaller than it used to be, with travel and communication much more accessible, it’s important to provide children with an informed, international perspective. This is an important educational opportunity that a preschool in New York should provide as well as a way to instill greater understanding and empathy for others.
In February, River School’s children took part in a Lunar New Year celebration that included parading throughout the school waving Chinese lanterns, wearing dragons and celebrating the start of the Year of the Horse. The kids also shared good wishes for the New Year as well as a delicious steamed rice snack, and practiced eating using chopsticks. Not only was it a great time, but it was also an outstanding learning experience that introduced the children to the Chinese culture.

Physical Activity is Essential for Child Development: How Yoga Can Help

In recent decades it seems there has been an emphasis on a child’s mental development, but physical development is just as important as the two go hand-in-hand in creating a solid foundation for the health of the body and the mind that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives. A quality toddler school in NYC recognizes that children who are physically active at an early age learn important habits that increase the chances of them remaining physically active into their teen, young adult and older adult years.

The Best Toddler Schools in NYC, like River School, offer YogaOne of the activities you may not think of in relation to kids is yoga, but this form of exercise offers great benefits. As children live in a fast-paced world with busy parents and competitive dog-eat-dog sports, these influences can be stressful on them and have a negative effect on their inner joy as well as their health. Yoga can help counter these pressures in addition to encouraging self-esteem and body awareness through an activity that is non-competitive. It also helps to foster cooperation and compassion rather than opposition.

When searching for a toddler school in NYC, those that offer yoga can provide these great benefits to your child such as:

  • Helping your child learn to relax, wind down, and to become calm
  • Improve their concentration and balance
  • Reduce stress
  • Promote a healthy, active lifestyle
  • Help them to sleep better
  • Improve fine motor skills
  • Increase strength and flexibility
  • Improve digestion
  • Boost self-confidence
  • Ease fear and anxiety
  • Lessen the risk of injury

Yoga helps to educate the whole child, including the mind, body and spirit, developing essential skills for a lifetime of health and wellness.

River School is one of the best toddler schools in NYC offering yoga to students. In one Vinyasa-themed class, the kids reviewed poses like Sun Salutations, the Camel Pose and Warrior III. They also had fun learning a new pose, the Bow Pose, for the very first time. During another class, students were able to share their favorite yoga pose with classmates and help each other make up new ones based on their favorite animals.

Making exercise fun can help happy kids become happier and healthier adults!

How to Choose the Right Preschool in Jersey City

Choosing the right school for your toddler is an important decision and one that can seem almost overwhelming to any parent, but knowing what to look for in the best preschool in Jersey City can make things easier.

Clean and kid-friendly

When visiting the school, check to see that the atmosphere is cheerful and inviting in addition to being clean, yet not overly neat. It’s important that kids are allowed to be kids with lots of room for little ones to explore, but it shouldn’t be dirty; for example, no food left out, dirty toilets, or messy play areas. Toilets and sinks should be child-sized too. Consider that your toddler will need to feel that the school is their home away from home, and be comfortable to do his or her own thing or to play in small groups.

Controlled chaos

How to choose the right preschool in jersey cityA good preschool in Jersey City will be filled with happy kids playing freely or taking part in group activities like story time or sing-alongs.  If you notice kids that are sitting quietly for more than 15 minutes at a time, or are bored and wandering aimlessly, it may be a sign that it’s not the right school for child.

Parent involvement

Another important thing to consider when looking for the right preschool in Jersey City is the level of parental participation. The best programs recognize that parents are a child’s first and most important teacher and support parents in that role. Research has found that active engagement by parents in their child’s early learning supports increased school readiness and academic achievement. At River School, for example, parents are invited to participate in all aspects of school life with parental participation stressed as a crucial part of the child’s experience.

Lots of toys, materials and colorful artwork

When entering a classroom it should be filled with lots of kid creations like drawings and paintings, particularly at a child’s eye level. Toddler school is a time to let those creative juices flow freely, and seeing their art work on display can boost confidence. Of course, it should go without saying that there should be plenty of safe, age-appropriate toys that are in good condition. When visiting the school, keep an eye out for a wide array of toys that encourage creativity and open-ended play such as dress-up clothing, dolls, cars, blocks and toy kitchens as well as plenty of books.

Why Private Child Care May be Better Than Nanny Care

Private Child Care has numerous advantages over nanny care

Trying to figure out the best option for quality child care can be almost an overwhelming challenge for any parent, which is why it’s so important to start thinking about it even before your baby is born.  If you’re contemplating private child care vs. nanny care, having a nanny come to your home may sound like an idyllic choice, despite being the most expensive option, as you won’t have to worry about getting your child up, dressed, fed and having to rush him or her out the door.

The reality is there are a number of advantages of private child care over nanny care. You don’t have to worry about introducing a stranger into your household and you’ll feel more secure knowing that private preschools and child care facilities are required to follow specific state regulations in regard to safety, sanitation, staffing, and space issues. States also require workers to have a certain level of education and experience. In most facilities you’ll find extra supervision and several teachers who are supervised by a director. Plus you don’t have to worry about what happens if one of them becomes ill or goes on vacation as you can be assured that someone just as qualified will be there to take their place.

Preschools and centers such as River School are also able to provide a much wider array of toys, games and enrichments with more materials than one home could possibly provide. You’ll find everything from educational games to art supplies, dress-up outfits and even things like music lessons and an introduction to foreign language.

With facilities like River School, you’ll also have the extra benefit of socialization with more children that your child can play with and learn from. Here, children of all ages are cared for in a nurturing environment that is stimulating and respects each child’s individuality. They receive everything all in one place to get the very best possible start in life.

Moving to Hoboken with a Child? 5 Steps to Ensure a Smooth Transition to Hoboken Daycare

If you’re moving to the North Jersey area and have a child that will need to attend daycare, it’s important to keep in mind that any type of change like this can be difficult on little ones. Not only does the child have to cope with a new home, but he or she also has to deal with the challenge of going to another new place during the day.

Here is how you can help make things easier when transitioning to Hoboken daycare.

Make an appointment. Pick up the phone and give River School a call to schedule a good time for you and your child to visit it together.  Let your child look around and explore a bit as well as meet the teachers and other children, which can make that first drop-off day a lot less stressful.

Tour both schools.  By exploring both NJ River School locations, on Newport Parkway and at Exchange Place in Jersey City, it will give you a chance to choose the very best Hoboken daycare option for you and your child.

Talk to your child.  No matter what age your child is, talking to him or her about the change before it happens is important. You might consider reading books about children who are attending a new school or daycare, or even playing “pretend school.”

Meet other families with children who attend the school. Meeting some of the other children who are already in Hoboken daycare or even setting up a playdate can help your child make friends before that “jittery” first day, which will help him or her feel much more relaxed.

Walk or drive the school route. Before that first day, be sure to walk or drive the school route to determine the commute time. The last thing you want to do is become stressed out about being late to work, as your child will pick up on that tension and is much more likely to become upset after being dropped off. It’s always a good idea on a first day to leave some extra time, just in case.


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